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Our customer base primarily consists of businesses and enterprises undergoing significant transitions, whether it be a new corporate headquarters, a major office renovation, a satellite office, or a serene retreat for corporate events.

Remarkably, a substantial portion of our clients are either returning business partners or have been recommended to us by satisfied companies we’ve collaborated with in the past. We view these former clients, now operating within their BA-designed office spaces, as our corporate ambassadors. Who better to endorse our services? There is nothing more fulfilling for us than discovering that their workplace is a true reflection of their brand, shaped through a collaborative process they thoroughly enjoyed—a top-notch service built on principles of professionalism, cooperation, integrity, engagement, and innovation.

When it's a perfect match...

First and foremost, businesses engage with our studio because they are in search of a distinguished, high-quality corporate environment that will stand the test of time and serve as a unique space for long-term enjoyment. They entrust us with the task of creating a timeless setting that not only enhances the beauty of everyday work moments but also promotes the well-being of their team members, all while reflecting the distinct character of their operations.

New corporate partners often encounter our work through various channels, whether it be online, through physical visits, awards recognition, or features in industry publications. They reach out to us when our architectural and interior design resonates with them, evoking emotions of professionalism, positivity, tranquility, and confidence. The appeal lies in our distinctive approach—spaces designed with an infusion of natural light, whimsical elements, seamless connections to the surrounding environment, and optimal functionality. Furthermore, businesses appreciate the refined detailing and the use of enduring materials, contributing to the timeless and robust nature of our corporate designs.


The team at this interior office design studio took the time to truly understand our company culture and values, and incorporated them into the design of our new office space. The end result was a beautiful and functional workspace that perfectly represents who we are as a company

Zeevi Michal, Gartner CEO

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