Frequently Asked Questions

We know it might be a challenge to engange on a design process with architects. To help with this, we have answered some common questions we receive from clients.

We haven’t worked with an architect before, how does the process work?

All architects work in a series of stages; it starts with a client’s dream to create something special and ends in the final completed project. About 80% of the architect’s work happens before the project starts construction, which is called Design Stage.

Each of the Design Stages adds a layer of refinement and detail until the project can be built by an experienced architectural builder using our set of drawings and documents.

While most of our work is done prior to the construction starting, we are also here to help guide you through the Builder Selection and Construction Stages to watch it all come to life. 

How frequently will we meet and hear from you?

We usually agree on a weekly meeting between the design team and the client to show improvement. In these meetings we talk about all relevant matters according to the stage we are working on.

During the design stage, we will also have conversations with local consultants and any other relevant consultants the company suggests.


What happens at the initial meeting?

We will agree on a kick-off meeting with you to go over the working process that we’ll do internally and how it will work with you. Then we will listen to your aspirations and hopes for your project.

We’ll discuss your office program and the next steps. The way we work is usually with a weekly meeting to show improvements through the end of each stage until we get your final approval to move forward to the following stage.

When will we see a first draft of the design?

Usually by the first meeting after kick off, you will start getting information from our side. The first GA will come around 2 weeks after meeting for the first time once we understood your requirements, went over and approved your program, and gone site visiting.


Is there a minimum value for the projects that you work on?

Each project we design is unique and adaptable to the client’s needs. Feel free to contact us for a free consultation

How long will it take to complete the work?

Every project is divided into stages according to the RIBA plan of work. Stages 1 and 2 are defined as Brief and Concept Design where we will come up with the final result of an approved layout contemplating the program and facilities requirements.

Stage 3 is the Look and Feel stage, where you’ll see how your space will look before work begins. We will create a special and unique design that complies with your requirements and the company’s view.

Stage 4 is the Technical stage when we will work alongside relevant consultants to ensure the space will be provided with all of its requirements. Stage 5 is the Construction stage. Our participation here is also constant with regular site visits to make sure schedules and finishes are of the highest possible quality. Stage 6 is the Handover & Closeout stage when we make sure you will enjoy your dreamed office space.

Do you have builders that you recommend?

Depending on the type of project that we define with your requirements, there are some builders that we often work with. However, we are used to working with builders our clients suggest and even used to accompany the selection process of builders.

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