Strategic Definition, Preparation & Brief

It all starts with a conversation about your ideas, budget, timescales and other considerations.

Then we carry out test fit studies to assess various options with you, weighing up the pros and cons of each. 

The conclusion of these studies then becomes the strategic brief. At this point, we gather all of the relevant site information, agree on the project budget and prepare the project programme.

Next steps will include preparing the project execution plan along with the responsibility matrix.



We start bringing ideas to life in BIM models and drawings, exploring the location of the project and how to take the most of its potential. During this process, we undertake design meetings with you to review the evolving designs.

We develop the construction strategy and provide you with an outline architectural proposal, an outline specification and preliminary costings.

Often we involve stakeholders and consultants for pre-application advice to make the planning permission process smoother and feasible.



We build on the design work from the previous stage, coordinating the architecture with relevant planners and building services so everything integrates seamlessly.

Use detailed graphics and virtual reality tours, you’ll see how your space will look before work begins. We will create a special and unique design that complies with your requirements and company’s view and undertake regular meetings to review the evolving designs with you.

We will take care of the design of special joinery and develop a detailed list of furniture that will be according to the agreed budget.



Once you’re happy with the design, we move on to producing detailed drawings, specifications and a schedule of works. During this stage, we will work alongside relevant consultants to ensure the space will be provided with all of its requirements.

This detailed information is used for a competitive tender by 3 to 4 contractors, allowing you to compare them accurately.

We then recommend the best suitable contractor for your project ensuring you get the best value for money and the best result.



Building work begins and the design comes to life. We administer the building contract, regularly visiting the site to make sure the work is the highest standard and in line with our drawings and specifications.

We then liaise with the contractors, monitoring their ongoing progress to make sure schedule and work are at the highest quality as possible.


Hand over
& close out

Now construction is completed, we make any final inspections, resolve any outstanding issues and provide information to the project manager so they can handle the final details with the contractor.

We also regularly check in with you to make sure you’re occupying the space of your dreams.


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