Located on the 31st floor of the Electra Tower in Tel Aviv, this office have been meticulously designed for a confidential client. The overarching concept driving the workspace design is centered around gradients, fading effects, and the integration of smooth curves and corners. The common space is characterized by a soothing palette of blue hues, extending seamlessly from the ceiling to the walls, with subtle accents in the joinery and furniture.

City: : Tel Aviv, IL

Year:: 2022

Size: 1100 sqm

Team: : Omri Amoyal, Amichai Ruff, Valentina Miodownik

Photographer:: Peled Studios



An eye-catching metal installation gracefully hangs from the ceiling above the kitchen island, becoming the focal point of the common area. Its elegant shape and integrated lighting further enhance the overall ambiance, while graphics displaying the same shape and gradient theme adorn the floor to ceiling facade of the meeting rooms.


The staircase in this workspace serves as both a functional element and a captivating art display. Crafted by a talented local artist, it showcases a unique and custom-made display that adds a touch of sophistication and creativity to the environment.


Every aspect of the design has been thoughtfully considered, creating a harmonious blend of gradients, fades, and organic shapes. The resulting workspace offers a serene and visually captivating atmosphere, stimulating creativity and fostering a sense of calm productivity for the employees fortunate enough to work within its walls.