The decision to infuse the workspace with a music theme has yielded an extraordinary outcome, where the very essence of strings, staves, and composition resonates throughout every corner of the project. The design meticulously incorporates elements of rhythm and repetition, creating a harmonious environment that inspires and uplifts.

City:: Tel Aviv, IL

Year: 2018

Size:: 1100 sqm

Team:: Omri Amoyal, Eldar Ohayon, Karin Edri

Photographer:: Amit Geron


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The repeating pattern that weaves its way through the office is very noticeable as you walk through the space. The walls of the workspace embrace the mesmerising allure of strings. Lightning delicately suspended from the ceiling, evokes the imagery of an orchestra in motion. The chosen color palette mirrors the vibrant emotions that music evokes.
The masterpiece of this project is the music room itself. It was designed to cater to the diverse needs of musicians, composers, and sound enthusiasts alike. Every detail has been meticulously crafted to create an environment that fosters creativity, collaboration, and sonic excellence.
In this office, the spirit of music permeates every aspect, reminding employees that their work is not merely a task to complete but an opportunity to compose something extraordinary.