Level 42 and Level 43 of the Electra tower have been thoughtfully designed to embody a harmonious fusion of global aesthetics with a touch of Mediterranean culture. The atmosphere on both levels exudes tranquility and serenity, emanating from the choice of light and clean colors that permeate the spaces. These hues create a soothing environment, reminiscent of the idyllic Mediterranean design style that evokes a sense of peace and calmness.

City: Tel Aviv, IL

Year: 2020

Team: Omri Amoyal, Amichai Ruff, Eldar Ohayon


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On Level 43, a delightful surprise awaits workers in the form of a vibrant Hummuseria. This inviting space showcases the Mediterranean influence through its unique culinary offerings as well as the space design. The ambience on this level is further enhanced by a coffee bar and a game room. These lively spaces act as focal points, injecting bursts of bright colors and engaging materials into the overall design scheme, providing a delightful contrast to the otherwise calm environment.

In contrast to Level 43’s vibrant social areas, Level 42 is dedicated to providing an ideal office environment. It features open office spaces that foster collaboration and productivity. Additionally, each workspace on this level is equipped with a micro kitchen, offering a convenient space for employees to grab a bite, relax, or even work in an alternative location within the floor. The design elements on Level 42 seamlessly mirror those of its upper counterpart, ensuring a cohesive look and feel throughout both levels.

Moreover, the vertical connection that links both levels serves as a captivating focal point. Local artists have been given the opportunity to showcase their art, infusing the space with the rich cultural heritage of the Mediterranean. This artistic display not only enhances the visual appeal of the vertical connection but also serves as a reminder of the profound influence of the Mediterranean culture on the design of these levels.

Together, both workspaces emanate a sense of harmony and coherence with their shared design language. They offer occupants an oasis of calmness inspired by Mediterranean culture, while simultaneously incorporating vibrant and inviting spaces that serve as a refreshing contrast. This thoughtfully curated environment provides a balance between relaxation and productivity, making it an ideal setting for work, leisure, and socialization within the tower.