Harman workspace was designed as a vibrant mix-use club that caters to the diverse needs of its employees. With a focus on promoting health and fostering a positive work-life balance, the space offers a range of amenities to enhance employee well-being. The design revolves around a central club concept, aiming to foster a healthy work-life balance within the organization. 

One key feature was the inclusion of a dedicated workout room and maker space, a creative haven where employees can unleash their innovative potential. By fostering a culture of creativity and problem-solving, this space inspires fresh ideas and promotes a sense of empowerment among the employees.

City: Hod Hasharon

Year: 2020

Team: Moran Ben Hur, Gal Har Tov

Size: 6000 SQM


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To further enhance the overall experience, we have designed a captivating hangout bar within the workspace. This vibrant and colorful area serves as a social hub where employees can relax, unwind, and build meaningful connections with their colleagues. The inviting ambiance encourages informal interactions, facilitating a sense of camaraderie and a positive work culture. This space is designed to provide a refreshing break from work-related activities, offering an opportunity for employees to rejuvenate and recharge, ultimately boosting their productivity and satisfaction.

The workspace itself has been thoughtfully designed with a calm color palette that promotes a soothing and comfortable atmosphere. Soft hues and neutral tones have been chosen to create a serene backdrop, allowing employees to focus and concentrate on their tasks without unnecessary distractions.

To add a touch of vibrancy and visual interest, colorful accents have been incorporated through graphics, acoustic panels, and dividers between workstations. These pops of color inject energy and liveliness into the space, creating a stimulating environment that inspires creativity and uplifts moods. The acoustic panels and dividers not only add visual appeal but also contribute to a quieter and more focused working environment, reducing noise distractions and enhancing overall productivity.