Jether Energy

The offices of Jether Energy Company boast a meticulous design that incorporates rhythmic patterns throughout the workspace. These patterns can be found on every partition, whether they are made of wood or metal. The deliberate use of rhythmic patterns creates a sense of harmony and unity, adding a touch of aesthetic appeal to the overall ambiance. The wooden partitions, in contrast to the black metal ones, contribute to a balanced and visually appealing environment.

To infuse energy into the space, bright and colorful accents are strategically placed inside the meeting rooms and lounge area, creating a vibrant atmosphere. These pops of color provide a refreshing contrast to the calm and focused work area, allowing employees to experience a balanced blend of productivity and inspiration. The meeting rooms, in particular, are designed to stimulate creativity and foster collaboration.

City: Tel Aviv, IL

Year: 2019

Size: 400 sqm

Team: Omri Amoyal, Moran Ben Hur, Eldar Ohayon

Photographer:: Ilan Nahum


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The lounge space is a standout feature of the office, adorned with graphic accents that add a contemporary touch. The carefully chosen patterns and designs create an engaging and visually stimulating environment, inviting employees to spend their leisure time there. The furniture in the lounge area is bright and modern, further enhancing its appeal and ensuring that it serves as a welcoming space for relaxation and socialization.

The workspace area is intelligently spread around the lounge, providing easy and convenient access to informal seating options. This layout allows employees to seamlessly transition between work and relaxation, fostering a healthy work-life balance. The deliberate design of the office ensures that every aspect is carefully thought out, with the aim of creating a harmonious and inspiring environment for Jether Energy Company’s employees.