Microsoft A1

The Microsoft offices in Building A1, situated in Hertzlia, have been meticulously designed to enhance collaboration and productivity. The working space has been intelligently divided into distinct neighborhoods, each allocated to a specific team. Within these neighborhoods, teams have their own dedicated working areas, providing them with a sense of ownership and privacy. Additionally, each neighborhood features a thoughtfully designed breakout space, serving as a hub for brainstorming, relaxation, and recharging.


City:: Hetzlia

Year:: 2017

Size:: 1400 sqm

Team:: Moran Ben Hur, Eldar Ohayon, Gal Har Tov

Photographer:: Ilan Nahum


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These breakout spaces truly embody the unique identity of the teams working within each neighborhood. Decorated in a manner that reflects their respective team’s culture and values, these areas create an atmosphere of belonging and foster creativity. Whether it’s a tech-savvy team with a futuristic theme or a marketing team with vibrant colors, the breakout spaces are inviting and captivating, making them ideal for informal discussions and generating innovative ideas.


In addition to the individual team breakout spaces, the Microsoft offices boast a spacious and captivating common area. This shared space serves as a central hub where employees from different teams can come together. It offers a delightful environment for various activities, such as grabbing a quick bite, engaging in recreational activities, or even working outside their designated areas. This common area encourages cross-team collaboration and interaction, promoting a vibrant and dynamic work culture within the office.