Spaces WeTLV

The common area of the new Spaces in the WeTel Aviv Building has been meticulously designed to cater to the diverse needs of its occupants. Spread across two levels, the ground floor offers a range of seating arrangements that accommodate various work styles. Whether you prefer a collaborative environment at the coworking table or a quiet individual workspace, there is a spot for everyone. Additionally, the space features phone booths for private conversations and a comfortable lounge area where individuals can relax and unwind.

City: Tel aviv

Year: 2022

Size: 390 sqm

Team: Moran Ben Hur, Eldar Ohayon

Photographer: Peled Studios


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At the heart of the common area, a centrally located kitchen counter provides a convenient option for grabbing a quick bite. This strategic placement ensures that individuals can seamlessly integrate their meal breaks into their workday without having to venture too far. Whether it’s a refreshing beverage, a quick snack, or a warm cup of coffee, the kitchen counter is within easy reach, allowing occupants to fuel themselves without disrupting their workflow.

Moving to the higher level, you’ll find the meeting room suites. These thoughtfully designed spaces provide a professional atmosphere for important discussions and presentations. With their functional layout and comfortable seating, these suites offer a conducive environment for productive meetings.